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Suis-je le loup?

Est-elle la mère?

Est-il l’enfant?

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掐指算来, 已经工作了快十个月.

在工作之前就已经了解到工作可能会非常的无聊, 那种刚刚上班就盼望着下班的日子将是何等的难过, 只是为了那区区的工资就愿忍受这样乏味的日子? 总体看来, 我还是比较热爱我的工作.  命令行, 编程IDE, FG, 基本延续了我大学时的生活, 唯一不同的是没有课上了, 也没有能在一个地方呆多长时间的确定性. 但也多了坐车去图书馆, 因为以前总是步行去.

这期间学会了看书, 文学书.

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A Test Of G-F-W

This blog is wrote by Windows Live Writer, and I am in China now.

It’s impossible to publish blog here by normal path. My network connection is based on a Proxy, so have a try.

If you saw this blog, congratulations.

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My Alias Of QQ

About one month ago, I register a alias for my QQ, it’s It isn’t a full word, for most of the meaningful  words have been registered. One of friends named Zhaowei Fu may understand the meaning.

There are many inputting tools for Chinese, I use Click Double, it mens click two keys then the character will appear, whatever the character is. If  you type woolni, it will appear 我爱你 which mean I love you in English. But now, the i lost, no, it have never appeared. I say the words for thousands of times, but I have never saied out, I think it isn’t the just time, But when I just decide to say, I didn’t say out, because one of  her words in the phone I hear by chance. It’s the turning point of us story.

It’s my fault. The chance passed through the gap of my hand, and I let it go.

656321…  A sigh.

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My Live Spaces &

I moved my spaces from live to where by chance. I made the decision in a flash.

It’s about one month ago, I used to login my live spaces, but a note appeared, and reading Window live spaces will go away. The official solution is moving the spaces to wordpress.  Sigh with emotion, but have no choice but moving away.

The process is  simple and quick.

Days flies. When I login the live in Chinese, I found that the solution for mainland of China haven’t been published. That mean wordpress may be GFWed.  Then I found that WP is unGFEed for the live users may need move these days.

Days later, I can’t login the WP, and I post this article under the help of ***. Because th WP is the official pattern of  Live spaces, when I post a new article on WP all of my contacts will see the news by SOCIAL panel.



Few days ago, I publish a website named Kushan Chinese Herbal Medicines Station which is like 莒县库山乡药材站 in Chinese, and Address is Welcome!


Too many to say, but couldn’t.

How a cute snick!

def Say():

print(‘my words’)

def Check():

if __name__==’__main__’:

while True:

if Check():



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