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来北京第一次骑自行车, 从清华到这, 事后看了一下大概25KM, 想起来高中时骑车回家, 无图无真相:

48KM, 十几块, 23KM, 1.2元. 呵呵, 基本差一个数量级.


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Southern Region

I have been in zhejiang province for about two weeks for the project of work. This is my first time to be in southern region but I don’t  feel it’s very different between them. The first place I traveled is  huangzhou, it’s a modern city in  my first impression though I traveled xihu only.

It’s a very  crowd traffic in the morning, it cost us about one hour from eastern station to xihu. It’s just a big lack, the same as other lacks, but it become uncommon for the story betweenSuzhen Bai and Xian Xu. I became realize that the broken bridge is not broken really. I have benn huangzhou only about there in four days, and then came here. Thank for Xian, with his help we can travel around haungzhou in working day.

It’s a bit  wormer than qingdao and then nothing is different while there is no bread(use this word for the moment).

It’s too later(not only the time).

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Stranger and Friends Are Neighbors

Stranger and friends are neighbors. When I walking on the aisle I have two choices, turn right or turn left, and Stranger and fiends are there. When today is over, I felt it’s not difficult from strangers to be friends.

I travel to a city those days, and I got home today. On this road I know a passenger who was sit beside me the bus. We hadn’t talked to each other in the beginning hour, I don’t used to talk with strangers, we will be strangers in normal, but we know each other. I talked with it for about an hour until it got off.

It’s a frosh, and she gave its contact message when I asked its name. I recall whether I was so artless when I was in its age.

To be friends is so easy, we should be hones to strange. It’s too hard in the current society.

Note: He/She is replaced by It, avoiding some people will be suspicious.

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Island-round Travel

I was upset when I hear that word this noon, I would be crazy if I  don’t release myself. I decided to go to the 后岔湾. I jumped on 4th BUS, but something was unexpected, the end station was changed. I walked round the land for about two hours, then got back school by bus. My track is flowing.

2011-01-16  track

2011-01-16  track-part

The golden beach is beautiful, I sang song for about one hour, nobody care and nobody.

I felt I am very small when  I was  WHISPERING to the sea, It was washed immediately.

By the way, It’s a good place to view Qingdao, it’s a sunny day I saw a clear full view of Qingdao.

Should I try a new beginning?

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Silver Beach In The Rain

    前些日子写过一篇关于银沙滩的, 上周末去了一趟. 前一次去已经是去年的事情. 我第一次见海是在青岛栈桥, 第一次见的沙滩是金沙滩(青岛栈桥边的那个不算沙滩), 但是已经忘却了第一次海里游泳的时间和地点了.

    没有蓝天碧云, 只有乌云, 瓢泼大雨和电闪雷鸣, 这样的天谁能陪我.

    散场了, 看着一个个的人钻到自己的车里, 只有我们独自走到3路站牌下. 曾经的曾经我对物质没有追求, 可现在我等了, 生活不只是为自己, 我要让我的家人过的更好.

    有理由说我没有时间, 但再也没有理由再回避物质问题.




It’s the first time I travels to silver beach this year. It has become nearly the same as golden beach, and it isn’t the past.

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