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Stranger and Friends Are Neighbors

Stranger and friends are neighbors. When I walking on the aisle I have two choices, turn right or turn left, and Stranger and fiends are there. When today is over, I felt it’s not difficult from strangers to be friends.

I travel to a city those days, and I got home today. On this road I know a passenger who was sit beside me the bus. We hadn’t talked to each other in the beginning hour, I don’t used to talk with strangers, we will be strangers in normal, but we know each other. I talked with it for about an hour until it got off.

It’s a frosh, and she gave its contact message when I asked its name. I recall whether I was so artless when I was in its age.

To be friends is so easy, we should be hones to strange. It’s too hard in the current society.

Note: He/She is replaced by It, avoiding some people will be suspicious.

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在同一天遇到了两件天壤之别的事情。 一个凶悍的thief和一位非常nice的老师。

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