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Take a Leap of Faith

Do you want to take a leap of faith or become an old man, filled with regret waiting to die alone?

电影Inception,中文名字是《盗梦空间》,这部电影早就有所耳闻,听说比较难理解,所以找了个比较清静的时间看了一遍。我其实非常少看影视作品的, 尽量减少非授权物品的使用算是其中的一个原因吧,要是人人都这么想,中国的软件行业就不会这么萧条了,又扯远了。多亏是理科出身而且是一个coder,逻辑思考能力还算是不错,前天晚上十点开始看的,两个半小时的电影看到凌晨一点才看完,语言障碍是一个大问题,频繁的暂停去看字幕把时间延长了。看到三分之二的地方我在IM上问候了另一个城市的coder,说我正在看Inception,那人说看过没看懂,在剩余的三层梦境后确实令我犯迷糊了,就像多线程、递归、线程同步、return、break等一样,着实令人眼花缭乱了一把。


I need take a leap of faith.


I have been in this company for more than one year though I have been graduated for for only about  half year. I became a coder when I got in this Co.. I not a boy who could deal with others freely, I be filmily with the computer, there are only two choices in it’s life, 0 and 1. I don’t deceive the computer and can’t neither. But in the real word I have less experiences though I am 24 years old. I want to be go programmer, at this moment at least. But it’s not a good place for me to got this goal because the environment of this company. There is no a integrated team system, I got less experiences of programing since I got in this company. I am a developer and I am always at the place of custom for about one than one month, I am also a implementer. It doesn’t matter for the things above, the worse thins is ……

I think I need to write it in my diary, it’s morn suitably.

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